Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 5-18-2015!

old macdonald had a workshop

In Language Arts, we will be reading the book, “Old MacDonald had a Workshop.” Our center work will relate to this story. Students will work to identify beginning, middle and ending sounds of words, review and build words with short a, identify and use compound words, Compare and contrast items and create a list.

Amazing words-saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver, file, chisel.

High frequency words will be review of those already taught until the end of the year.

Handwriting and phonics lessons will be review of all letters until the end of the year. New handwriting will be to practice writing their phone number and address.

In GO math, the children will work on Chapter 12. This chapter is focused on collecting and analyzing data.  The students will test on this chapter next week. This is the last chapter in our GO math series.

In Religion, we will continue to honor Mary for the month of May. This week we will talk about Jesus’ ascension into Heaven and we will learn about Pentecost as well.


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