Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 5-4-2015!

this is the way we go to school book

In Language Arts, we will read the book, This Is the Way We Go to School. Students will work to identify and build words with the letter Vv. Students will identify compound words: dogsled, raincoat, mailbox. Students will identify the main idea of a story. Finally, students will create a picture book that shows how people travel.

Amazing Words: cable car, trolley, horse-and-buggy, skis, Metro line,vaporetto.

High Frequency Words: come, where.

Phonics and handwriting lessons will relate to the letters Qq and Yy.

In Go Math we will test on chapter 11 and begin to work in Chapter 12. The focus of Chapter 12 is to classify objects and count the number of objects in each category. Standard addressed in this chapter is CC.K.MD3 Classify objects into given categories, count the number of objects in each category and sort the categories by count.

In religion, we will continue to talk about being kind to one another and trying to make choices that lead us closer to God. We are discussing mothers and we are making projects for our own mothers. We are talking about May being the month to honor mother Mary in special ways.


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