Kindergarten Room 19 news for the week of 4-20-2015!

the little engine that could pic

This week in Language Arts, we will read the book, The Little Engine That Could. Our Center work will relate to this story. The children will work to identify and build words with the short Uu sound. The children will identify and use words for jobs: pilots, conductor, astronaut, and truck driver. The children will compare by telling how things are alike and contrast by telling how things are different.

Amazing words: engine, tracks, passenger, roundhouse, mountain, valley.

High Frequency words: what, said, was.

The children will write about the earth this week in honor of Earth Day on Wednesday.

Phonics and handwriting lessons will relate to the letter Uu.

In GO math we will work to finish Chapter 10. The focus of this chapter is identifying and describing three-dimensional shapes. In the final lessons for the chapter, the children will be asked to use positional words appropriately. Lessons will target identifying beside, above, below, in front of and behind. The goal is to test for this chapter on Friday.

In religion, we will talk about Jesus returning to his disciples after his Resurrection on Easter. We will talk about the joy that Jesus gives to us all in his promise to always be with us and never leave us. As well as his promise of eternal life; that we can be with him in Heaven forever if we believe and follow his teachings.

Our Beatitude of the month is, Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.


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