Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 3-30-2015!

mayday mayday book

In Language Arts this week we will read the story, Mayday!Mayday!. Our center work will relate to this story. Students will work to identify words with the W sound, identify and use words for transportation, tell what is real and what is make-believe and draw different types of transportation.

Last week the students read about traveling to a city and made pictures of skylines. The pictures are part of a new display in our hallway. They turned out great!

Unit 4 assessments concluded last week.

Phonics and handwriting lessons will relate to the letter Xx.

In Go Math, we will begin chapter 10.  The focus of chapter 10 is to identify and describe Three-dimensional shapes. The students will learn to describe the attributes of spheres, cubes, cylinders and cones. (CC.K. G1, CC.K.G2, CC.K.G3, CC.K.G4)

In Religion, we will discuss the holiest time of the Church year and have many lessons related to Holy week and Easter.

There will be no school on Friday, April 3rd, this will mark the start of our Spring break which will run through Sunday, April, 12th. Classes will resume on Monday, April 13th!

Have a Blessed and peaceful Easter!


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