Kindergarten Room 19 News for the Week of 3-23-2015!

max takes the train

In Language Arts, we will be reading the story, Max Takes The Train. Our center work will relate to this story. Students will work to identify words with e sound and build words with the e sound. Students will identify and use words for time: day, week, and month. Students will be asked to identify story setting. Finally, students will be asked to make a picture of a skyline.

Amazing words: plane, jetway, subway, tunnel, ferryboat, sidecar.

High Frequency words: yellow, blue, green.

Unit 4 reading assessments will conclude this week.

In GO math this week the students will take the test for chapter 9 and begin to work on chapter 10. The focus of chapter 10 is to identify and describe Three-dimensional shapes. The students will learn to describe the attributes of spheres, cubes, cylinders and cones. (CC.K. G1, CC.K.G2, CC.K.G3, CC.K.G4)

In religion, we will focus on Palm Sunday and the students will make a special Easter project.

Our new Spring display will be up this week so if you are in the school come and see their work. It is going to be very cheerful. They worked especially hard on their writing for this display.


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