Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 1-25-2015!

the lion and the mouse book

In Language arts, we will be reading the story The Lion and The Mouse. Students will do center work related to this story. Students will work to identify and build words that start with O. Students will identify and use words for opposites. Also, we will continue to talk about what schools were like long ago and what schools are like now. This activities will be tied into our celebration of Catholic Schools week.

Amazing words-jungle, beast, nibbling, snarled, trembling, estranged.

High Frequency words-they, you, of.

Phonics (VoWac and Letterpeople) and handwriting lessons will be centered around the letter Oo.

In GO math, we will continue our studies in chapter 7.  The focus of this study is representing, relating, and operating on whole numbers initially with sets of objects. Lessons this week will require students to solve problems using the strategy of drawing a picture to represent work. Standards covered are CC.K.CC3, CC.K.NBT.1.  Students will test on this chapter next week watch for a homework packet for math coming home on Wednesday!

In religion we will be celebrating being part of a wonderful Catholic school. Schedule is posted on our class site. It is sure to be a fun-filled week.



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