Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 1-5-2015!

little quack book

In Language Arts we will read, Little Quack and our center work will relate to this story. Students will work to identify words that begin with R, build words with R, identify and use color words and compare and tell how things are alike and different. We will continue to identify and use verbs in our writing activities.

Amazing words-duckling, pond, paddle, plunged, proud, brave

High frequency words-me, with ,she

In GO math, we will finish chapter 6 and complete chapter 6 testing. The focus of this chapter is subtraction. The main objective being that students understand addition as putting together or adding to and subtraction as taking apart or taking from to solve word problems. CC.K.OA.2

In religion, the students will write about how they can be a light like Jesus in the world. There will be a lesson on our new Beatitude of the month, “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

We will discuss the epiphany of the Lord as well this week. nativity picture

Praying our work together in 2015 is blessed and meaningful for all!

Welcome back!


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