Kindergarten room 19 news for the week of 12-8-2014!

little panda picture

In Language arts, we will be reading the story, Little Panda. Our center work will relate to this story. The children will be asked to identify and build words with the initial sound of Ii. They will work to identify and use direction words.  We will continue to discuss the difference between fiction and nonfiction and the children will complete work to support these lessons.

Amazing words: weigh, measure, healthy, bamboo, curious, explore.

High Frequency words: me,with, she.

Phonics and handwriting lessons will focus on letter Nn!

In GO math, we will test on chapter 5 and we begin chapter 6 this week. This will be our last chapter in GO math before Christmas break. The focus of chapter 6 is subtraction.  On Thursday, we will have some fun doing Polar Express math!

In Religion we will continue our studies related to Advent and Christmas. Monday we will celebrate a holy day of obligation Mass for the Immaculate Conception of Mary. There will be Mass on Wednesday as well. The children will complete  two art projects in religion this week.


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