Kindergarten 19 news for the week of November 17th!

a bed for winter

In language arts, we will be reading, A Bed for the Winter. Our center work will relate to this story. The students will work to use adjectives for opposites, sizes and numbers. The children will be asked to describe and explain the different types of homes that an animal needs.

Amazing words: nest, meadow, stump, tree, trunk, hive, den.

High Frequency words: he, for.

Handwriting and phonics focus: letter Ii

In GO math, we will begin Chapter 5. The focus of this chapter is addition. The children will work to add-on, put together two groups of objects to solve addition problems and act out addition problems.  They will be asked to model and draw addition problems.

In religion, the children will focus on learning more about the Thanksgiving holiday including describing what they are thankful for. We will be working to get ready for our big Thanksgiving program on Friday.


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