Kindergarten 19 news for week of 10-20-2014!

flowers book

In Language Arts, we will read the story, Flowers. Our center work will relate to this story. We will continue to discuss nouns. This week we will begin to describe plural nouns. Our handwriting and phonics will focus on the letter Aa. This will be the first vowel that we study.

Amazing words: seeds, fruits, buds, stem, bloom, petals.

High Frequency words: have, is.

Letter people and Vowac: letter Aa

In Go Math we will begin Chapter 3 this week. The focus of Chapter Three is to represent, count and write numbers 6 to 9. Our center work will relate to chapter Two, the focus of that chapter was comparing numbers to 5. Center work in math is always used to review concepts already taught in class.

In Religion, we will complete chapters 5 and 6 in our God Loves Us series. We will also have a special lesson on our Beatitude of the month, Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land. 


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